Breaking Ice: Unique Surfaces From COMPAC


This week, I was invited to spend the day with COMPAC, a Spanish company specialising in high quality decorative surfaces.  Founded in 1975, they were the first Spanish company to specialise in the production of marble and quartz surfaces and I was really interested to see what their product involved and how it was used.  They've just launched two new products - the Ice Of Genesis created by Arik Levy, and the Unique Collection - and they were being exhibited at the KBB Birmingham Show.  They asked me to come along and have a look.

To start with, I found out a little bit of information about what it is they actually do and the history behind their brand.  With 400 employees, they are an international company who opened their UK offices - COMPAC UK - in 2007.  They are a huge promoter of environmentally friendly processes and in 2004, initiated a policy that aimed to compensate the effect of their CO2 impact by the year 2015.  

They've got two production centres - one for technological marble (in Spain) and one for technological quartz (in Portugal) and the capability of producing 4.5 million square metres of products per year.  That's immense.  But what are their products used for?  When you talk about surfaces, the first thing that springs to mind is kitchen work tops but there are plenty of other uses for this versatile product.  Flooring, wall treatments and bathrooms are all achievable using this covering and there are endless ways of incorporating this into your home.

What I particularly liked about COMPAC is the fact they are constantly striving to create a product that will challenge traditional expectations.  They collaborate with artists and designers to produce new and unique designs which are amazing to see.  They promote a thought process that they describe 'Minds Over Matter' in which they consider the talents of each member of their creative team when they are producing new products that challenge their limits.  

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COMPAC have two UK bases and I was introduced to their regional teams.  They're all extremely knowledgable about the product and it was interesting to find out more about how the idea for the newly launched range was conceived.  I spoke to Manager Richard Barrett who explained the two main product ranges that were being exhibited at the KBB Birmingham Show.

Ice Of Genesis

The Ice Of Genesis range is concentrated on the beginning of everything.  The origin of an idea, a creative process that seeks to change the states quo of surface coverings.  It's the most ambitious collection so far from COMPAC, offering a series of surfaces in which technology, design and art come together to create something that has never before been seen.  They collaborated with the transgressive designer and artist Arik Levy.  Levy's skills are multi disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide.  Best known publicly for his sculptures, such as his signature Rock pieces, his installations, limited editions and designs, Levy feels that 'the world is about people, not objects'.  Born in Israel, he moved to Europe after his first participation in a group sculpture exhibition in Tel Aviv in 1985 and currently works from his studio in Paris.

Inspired by the great ice lakes that can be found in the Arctic, the Ice Of Genesis rivals on its surface visual fragments similar to those produced by natural stone.  The goal was to create warmth, coolness and abstraction.  The black pieces are abstract, the red ones represent the warmth of the earth, whereas white speaks of coldness.  All three produce a sense of depth, responding to parameters that are unknown in the visual sense but are closely connection to memory.  Ice Black, Ice White and Zoom Slab.

Another key factor was the scale, the idea of zooming in.  When you cut into stone, the veins have a similar size due to the geological event.  They wanted to create a vein that had not been seen before so they played around with the scale.  The effect of all three is that of treading on ice, with the cracks in the surface representing the breaking of the ice both above and below.  


The second range that was there to view was Unique.  This collection imbibes the beauty of nature in all forms, textures and materials.  There are five different types of surface:

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Unique Calacatta

The beauty of purest white contrasted with dark veins.  All are identical but all are different - the design of the veining is always unique.  The quality, the finish and the essence never changes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.56.38.png

Unique Marquina

From the darkness of the rock comes the sinuous white sparkling streaks which gives this material an elegant and sophisticated appearance.  Marquina means originality, purity, elegance and distinction.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.56.10.png

Unique Venatino

This surface is the perfect balance between wildness and elegance, control and energy.  It's soft white and subtle grey veining gives each piece an elegance and simplicity.  It's a material that makes a statement about you and the way you live.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.56.10.png

Unique Arabescato

Interlaced through the rock are streaks of pale grey creating unique patterns, bringing a look of purity and luminosity to your home.


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.56.58.png

Unique Argento

Inspired by the appeal of the weather worn rock, this grey surface with a subtle vein is the perfect foundation for other textures to sit alongside it.

Prior to visiting the COMPAC stand at the KBB Birmingham Show, I had no idea of the range of surface textures that were possible.  This forward thinking Spanish company have successfully produced a unique collection of products that fit beautifully into both home and business environments and with texture being a key trend word, products that are perfect for individual spaces.  I look forward to seeing what products their talented team come up with next!  

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With thanks to COMPAC for inviting me to the KBB Birmingham Show.  All of these images are courtesy of COMPAC.  You can contact them via the links below.





This sponsored post was in conjunction with the lovely people at COMPAC.  I would never consider promoting a brand that I didn't love and wouldn't use myself.



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