How To Make Your Christmas Sparkle With Miele

Washing up is not one of my favourite jobs.  Firstly, it's shocking for your hands.  Secondly, the drying up rack is one of the most unattractive kitchen items and thirdly, it's a terrible time waster during the Christmas period.  Who wants to spend their time by the sink when they could be sipping an Aperol Spritz or relaxing on the sofa with a box of Celebrations?  Not me, for one.  So when Miele asked me to write about and test run the G6997 SCVi K2O XXL fully-integrated dishwasher from The Exclusive Collection, I didn't need much persuading.

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Miele was founded over 100 years ago in 1899 by engineer Carle Miele and businessman Reinhard Zinkhann who manufactured a product for cream separating.  In 1910 they produced their first washing machine and over the years, continued their successful business by moving into a wide variety of products including motor cars, bicycles, hand wagons and vacuum cleaners.  Even as far back as 1916, Miele were so convinced of the quality of their products that they offered a ten year warranty.  The range today encompasses the entire spectrum of kitchen and domestic appliances and is renowned for quality, durability and excellent customer service.

The Exclusive Collection is a range of Miele's finest products, complete with the the best offers when you buy directly from Miele.  From laundry, dishwashing and vacuuming through to cooking and refrigeration, Miele are the only company that tests their products for the equivalent durability of 20 years use.  How amazing is that?  They've got two Experience Centres in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and Central London which helps you to decide the right product for you to create the kitchen of your dreams.  Miele also have Taste For Design consultations and courses which are run by their top Home Economists to assist you in making the most of your product. There's a huge amount of choice out there and The Exclusive Collection is there to help you find the best product available for your home.

Miele pride themselves on the concept that they are helping you care for things that you want to preserve and last forever, which need a quality product to look after them and ensure that they carry through for years to come.  With a byline, 'For Everything You Love', The Exclusive Collection does exactly that.

So I was really excited to try it out and see if this fully integrated dishwasher could deliver all that it promised.  As a vintage glassware and crockery obsessive, I was eager to know if my days of hand washing my favourite delicate items were now over.  So what can it do and how can it make your family Christmas as stress free as possible?


It's Huge

First of all, it's amazingly spacious.  It has two wide drawers which easily fitted my casserole dishes and oven trays and a full day of washing up dishes from my family of five.  My children have an exceptional ability to use at least six glasses each a day so this was no mean feat.  

My absolutely favourite section is the slide out 3D cutlery tray which is hidden in the top.  I've had several dishwashers but never one with this feature before - it makes a huge difference to the space in the two drawers below as the cutlery has it's own separate section.  Despite it being spacious, it's a standard dishwasher width of 60cm so easily integrated into my kitchen space.


It's Super Quick

It's got plenty of programmes to choose from including a 65 degree Tall Items wash, an Intensive 75 degrees wash for pots and pans (which btw made mine cleaner than they had ever been before), an Extra Quiet programme and Eco options.  

The Quick Power Wash is only 58 minutes and is a Class A clean which means that you can easily run an in-between course wash during your Christmas lunch so that there's no boring old dirty dishes stacked up on your work surface.  Perfect.  

IMG_6070 2.JPG

It's Easy To Use

It's handleless and has a soft touch Knock2open door system that means you simply need to tap it twice to open it.  It also has motorised door closure which means no banging it shut, it does all the work for you.  

When the programme finishes, it has AutoOpen drying that automatically opens the door for you so that it finishes drying naturally.  The controls are flush to the top of the door and have simple touch button instructions.   So easy, I was away last week and even my husband could operate it.  True story.


It Lights Up

Okay, so this is my second favourite bit.  It has automatically controlled BrilliantLight inside the machine which means that four LED lights enable you to check that everything in the dishwasher is super sparkly.  You can really see how clean everything is when the programme finishes which is an excellent bonus.

A light up dishwasher.  Who would ever have thought?


You Can Trust It

I'm a huge fan and collector of vintage crockery and glassware and have cabinets full of my finds.  From coloured glass to tiny liquor glasses to vintage tea plates and cheese knives, all of these can be stacked and washed with no worries.  As I said earlier, Miele care about the things that you love and as a result, my favourite items are in safe hands.  

It has superior technology that ensures all glasses are cleaned gently and effectively using Perfect GlassCare which is ideal for my collection.  It also has a Gentle programme that washes heat sensitive crockery safely which is perfect for my vintage tea sets.

Miele also have a dedicated inspiration site, der Kern, complete with blog that provides plenty of fabulous kitchen and styling ideas.  Click here to take a look.

My conclusion?  This dishwasher from the Miele Exclusive Collection is a well thought out, carefully designed product that is perfect for my family, both at Christmas and year round.  I'm really looking forward to being able to make the most of using my lovely glassware and crockery over the festive season when we've got friends and family visiting.  The generous drawer size means that I won't have that terrible situation of having dirty dishes strewn over the work surface and the knowledge that my favourite pieces are being well looked after by a technology that has been created with care and attention.  Miele have certainly lived up to their promise of 'For Everything You Love'.

The product that I reviewed is the G6997 SCVi K2O XXL fully-integrated dishwasher available direct from Miele by clicking here.  If you use code TAE5505952 then you will receive 20% discount from any item in The Exclusive Collection from now until 22 December 2017.  

This sponsored post was in conjunction with the lovely people at Miele UK.  I would never consider promoting a product that I didn't love and wouldn't have in my own home.