How To Create A Bloody Amazing Gallery Wall With Very Little Budget

I love putting things up on the wall.  The more things I can put up, the better.  My previous kitchen in our house in Caversham was a quite frankly overwhelming mixture of wall plates, religious iconic images, beaded curtaining and a flying dolphin.  To call it eclectic is being kind.  Needless to say, Joe wasn't overwhelmed by it and has tried to halt my extreme collective urges in our house here in York.  Obviously he hasn't had much success.

In my opinion, a room is not complete without a gallery wall.  Creating a fabulous one on a budget is super easy.  Here are some ideas for curating your perfect selection.


What Shall I Put Up?

Anything!  Literally.  The combination of what you put up is what makes it your style, so go for what you think looks good - examples can be artwork, marquee lighting, stag heads, juju hats, signs, calendars, shelves.  I've even got printers drawers on my walls.  The list is endless.  Collate your selection to include things that have memories attached, special bits and pieces.

I'm Bored And I Want New Artwork - How Can I Find This On A Budget?

  • Etsy Shops:  Etsy is an online market place where individual artists and creatives can show and sell their products.  It's particularly good for artwork and prints are very reasonably priced, even if you are ordering from outside the country.  Lots of shops sell their artwork via download so you can buy cool prints for as little as £3 and have it in your inbox immediately.  Plus once you've downloaded it, it's yours to keep and share with other art loving friends.
  • eBay:  If vintage is what you are after, then eBay is the place to go.  It's perfect if you're looking for something a bit retro to add contrast to your more modern prints.  I found it a particularly good source during my kitsch Wide Eyed Girl style print period.
  • Charity Shops:  I always manage to find something when I go on a charity shop visit.  This week I picked up Hunters In  The Snow which was a classic print from my childhood for £5 and it's already up on the wall!
  • King & McGaw:  An online shop with an amazing collection of art ranging from monochrome typography prints to classic American photography.  Many of their prints are under £25.
  • Poster Books:  Loads of artwork in book form for under twenty quid, straight from the book to your wall.  Try Anthony Burrill's I Like It, What Is It? poster book or the Indie Rock poster book by The Yellow Bird Project, both available from Amazon.
  • Instagram:  Instagram is full to the brim with creative talent that is not mainstream and therefore often surprisingly affordable.  Try @dmk_art and @patirobins for well priced options.
  • Make it yourself!  Which leads me to...

I'm Vaguely Creative And Quite Like A Project

I am ridiculously uncreative but have spent many hours making artwork for my walls and other people as presents.  Canvases are super cheap and are even available in Poundland. All you need is an idea of what to put on it.  Spray paint and large alphabet stencils purchased from eBay were what started me down this route.   I must also admit to 'borrowing' ideas from online art that I see and recreating it.  Typography art in particular is great for that.  All you need is a printer and a good selection of fonts.  Last Christmas I gave my girlie friends quotes which I designed online using a Word Art app, there are loads on offer for free.  I framed them up, a perfect present for less than £5.  Most popular was "Technically, you are not drinking alone if your kids are at home" which just about sums up my friend group.

Framing Is So Expensive - How Can I Do This Within My Budget?

I know that everyone rants on about IKEA frames being brilliant and they are, but you know what it's like - sometimes the idea of going to IKEA sends me into a decline and there's the knowledge that if I go in for one frame, I'll come out with seven cacti and an entire new set of dinnerware.   In my opinion, you can't beat The Range.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my love for The Range is unsurpassed.  They sell a huge range of frames of all colours and sizes, plus they do a poster size frame for under £13.  In addition, you can park outside and be in and out in five minutes so that's a bonus in my opinion.  And did I mention they have pick and mix at the till?

Once you've collated what you want to put up - this can be anything from three things upwards - then lay it all out on the floor and work out how you want it to look.  A collection of purely prints can look amazing, but mixing up textures and objects can look fabulous.  It's your style so it's totally up to you - there are no rules!  

Then out with the hammer.  It's easy to move around and update it, I'm always swapping and adding to my walls.  Talking of which, I'm off to put up my flying dolphin :)