Five Ways To Give Your Kitchen The New York Loft Look

PAID PARTNERSHIP with Breville UK/ Loft living interiors will never go out of style.  Based on the idea of your space being practical, efficient and affordable, the trend started in the 1970’s when New York established a system for certifying artists and made it legal for people with this certification to live in former industrial buildings in SoHo.  Artists such as Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol moved into these huge, studio perfect spaces with their high ceilings to make the most of the light for their work.

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Fast forward fifty years and the renovation of these buildings into liveable spaces continues apace.  New York loft style living is being replicated all over the world and this is reflected in the industrial style of the accessories that we are now able to incorporate in our spaces.   So when Breville asked me if I would like to try out their new premium New York range of products, I was looking forward to seeing what they’d come up with!

Breville has been a household name since the early 1980’s when they patented and introduced the sandwich toaster, an item synonymous with my childhood and still on the ‘Most Wanted’ list by my children to this very day. The range has expanded over the years into a full range of appliances including blenders, health fryers, irons, grills and more.  The most recent premium range of kettles and toasters is inspired by the bright lights of the Big Apple and aims to bring luxury loft style to your kitchen. Mixing statement illumination with textured metal and gloss white stainless steel, you can achieve the ultimate in Upper East Side elegance in your very own kitchen.

First up to try was the kettle.  The base is illuminated and it’s got a 1.7L capacity which means there’s enough for 6-8 cups of your favourite hot drink with every boil.  The base is fully rotational so it’s perfect whether you are right or left handed.  The handle is architecturally inspired with an integrated button to open the lid and there’s a rear water window so that you can always see when you need to refill it. Quick to boil, my tester cup of peppermint tea was perfection.

As a family who are breakfast obsessed, my children were super keen to try out the toaster.  Again, the base is illuminated during use which gives a really cool effect and it has a ‘lift and lock’ function which allows the toast to be easily checked without interrupting the cycle.  We also really liked the two slice browning control which enables you to create both lightly browned and darker toast at the same time.  This was very popular with my family, who cover the full spectrum of toasting from barely done to almost burnt!  Another bonus feature is that it can accommodate all bread sizes, perfect for crumpets and bagels.  This high performance product also has a cord storage feature so that your worktop can remain cord free when not in use, which is great for keeping your workspace clear and tidy.

So as well as incorporating the new Breville New York range into your kitchen, how else can you bring a touch of loft living to your own space?  Here’s my five top tips to make your kitchen loft style cool.

Go Urban

Cool urban art works brilliantly if you’re going for the laid back industrial look.  Think pop art, typography or grafitti style artwork to add an edge or even better, create something yourself that’s truly individual.  Art doesn’t just have to be placed on the wall – prop it on your kitchen shelves for an alternative way to display.

Bring In The Black

Loft style living bases itself on features seen in industrial warehouses so black is the natural contrast.  Keep the base colour of the room a neutral white and bring it in via the trims.  Painting the window frame is a quick and easy way to incorporate this.  Take it a step further and add black industrial style lighting for the full effect.


The appeal of the industrial look is mixing old with new, so this is a really important part of getting the look right.  Source vintage accessories to work with your newer pieces for maximum effect. Juxtapose the textures – wooden floors and furniture soften the look and stop it from being overpowering or too harsh.

Add Greenery

Bringing the outside in is an instant mood lifter and plants bring a softer element to the space.  If you’ve got high ceilings, replicate the loft style look by using trailing plants that will accentuate the height of the space.  The green is a fabulous contrast and adds a softer tone.

Mix Your Metals

There’s no quicker way to add the industrial look to your kitchen than by bringing in metallic textures.  The Breville New York range is perfect for this look and brings the loft style element to your scheme.  The metallics contrast beautifully with the white finish of the products, the perfect addition to your loft look styling.

Changing up your appliances can really make a difference to your space.  Although kitchens are primarily functional spaces, there’s plenty that you can do to personalise them and I’ll definitely be including the Breville New York range as a quick, attractive and practical style update.  Now I just need a Warhol artwork to finish it off!

To purchase the Breville New York Collection kettle please visit Amazon here.

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