Revamp Restyle Reveal Season 3 - What's It All About?

Nearly two years ago (where does the time go?), we launched Revamp Restyle Reveal upon the unsuspecting Instagram public. The idea was to take ten interior bloggers and ask them to update one room in their home over the course of four weeks.  They had to be inspiring, DIY focused and above all, fearless.  To help them out, we recruited top notch product sponsors to help them in their task with everything from paint to accessories to electrical equipment.  It was like an extreme version of the iconic Changing Rooms without Lawrence and Linda and it worked BRILLIANTLY.  We launched a website and social media feeds across Instagram and Twitter.  We set up a YouTube channel and did weekly video updates from each blogger documenting their progress.  And when the four weeks was up, we blog hopped our way through the transformation reveal posts, each of which had been completed with panache through sheer hard work and a whole lot of creativity.


We were completely overwhelmed by the reaction to our project. In fact, it was SO successful, that Bianca Hall of French For Pineapple and I decided that we would do it all again last year and host Season 2.  It was so much fun and so well received that we kicked off Season 3 on 19 February and on 1 March, it will be all systems go for our team of ten bloggers and our fabulous sponsors.  

So who will our bloggers be and how did we decide who would be joining our team?  Before I introduce them, I’ll briefly explain how we made the decision as to who will be taking part.  

The Submission Process

One of the greatest things that Instagram has brought us as a community is the fact that it enables anyone with a creative streak to pursue what they love via their feed.  It matters not what your background, if you are passionate about a subject then your feed is an ideal place to display this interest.  Anyone can now build a career in an industry that they love if they have enough passion and drive to achieve it.  It’s created a community of people who genuinely love what they do, it’s unbeatable.  The Revamp Restyle Reveal ethos was to bring these people together, both by recruiting bloggers who are good at what they do and creating a hashtag that will inspire and encourage others to do the same.  

Why do we work with sponsors? We work with sponsors because it’s a wonderful opportunity for the bloggers to be able to really stretch their limits when thinking about what they can achieve in their rooms. The sponsors help them create a dream space that will, in turn, inspire others to try their hand at redesigning a room, or even assist them on embarking on a creative future career.

Our website has a submission form.  The most important thing that we look for when deciding on our team is consistency and well produced content.  We don’t look at numbers, we don’t care whether or not you have hundreds of thousands of followers.  You don’t need to have the swipe up facility. We DO care that you write a regular, well thought out blog or have a website that tells a story and most importantly, have the ability to create content that is of an exceptionally high standard.  You need to be an active social media user as you will be required to post regular updates, including Stories and YouTube videos.  We choose our final team based on this criteria and on merit. Applicants also have to be based here in the UK.  

We also bring back a few bloggers each season who did a particularly brilliant job on their rooms.  This enables us to maintain continuity from one Season to the next so that viewers can see their favourites next move!

Who Are Our Bloggers?

Kat Williams, Magazine Editor, Author of Rock N Roll Bride - The Snug

We were so excited that Kat is able to do a second Season with us – she’s updating her snug into a Hotel chic style lounge room.

Daniela Tasca York, Interior Designer - The Master Suite

Former winner of BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge, Daniela is jumping into her revamp only a few weeks after having her third child (I’m not even joking). She’s updating her Master Suite and it’s going to be in true Tasca York style.

Tamsyn Morgans, Interior Stylist & Photographer - The Attic Room

Tamsyns photography is one of the things that make her stand out from the crowd (she was recently regrammed by Instagram for the WHP project) so we can’t wait to see what she does with her Attic Room this Season.

Olivia Silk, Interior Blogger, Lust Living - The Hallway

Last Season, Olivia created the perfect calm living space; this year she’s concentrating on her Hall and Stairs.  I think we can pretty much guarantee that there’ll be a bit of pink going on.

Malcolm Begg, Interior Blogger, DesignSixtyNine - The Living Room

Malcolm loved the guest bedroom he created last Season so much that he moved into it!  We cannot wait to see what he does in his Living Room this time – moody neutrals for the win.

Ross & Ian, Interior Bloggers, Our 1930’s Fixer Upper - The Kitchen/Entryway

We’re super excited to have Ross and Ian onboard this time – not only are we excited for their Kitchen/Entryway update but also we are very much looking forward to seeing their decorating Stories.  Oh, and the anticipation of Tune Tuesday.

Luke Arthur Wells, Interior Designer & Blogger - The Guest Room/Office

Another graduate of the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge, Luke is updating his Guest Room/Office into a calming, neutral space and we cannot wait to see what he does.

Matthew Shaw, Interior Designer & Blogger - The Master Bedroom

After Matthew and his family recently moved to a new home, he’s super excited at the prospect of completely revamping the Master Bedroom. He’s incorporating a study area too and we are looking forward to watching his progress on Stories.

And finally, my co host, Bianca Hall, French For Pineapple - The Guest Room/Office

Serial decorator Bianca is revamping her Guest Room/Office space. You can guarantee she will be adding in a fair few of her own personal DIY touches.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 14.36.15.png

Our Media partner

For the first time, we have an official media partner and we are SO EXCITED! Real Homes will be following the progress over on their website (click here to see) and following up in the magazine at a later date.

Make sure you’re following their Instagram feed for regular updates.


Who Are Our Sponsors?

Headline Sponsor: west elm

  • We were over the moon to announce the fabulous homewares retailer west elm as our headline sponsor.

  • Super excited to have the soak team back with us for a second Season!  

David Hunt Lighting  

  • Honoured to be working with this lovely company for a second time.

Style Library

  • Back for a second Season, they’ll be providing paint, fabric and wallpaper too from their family of brands.

Flokk Design  

  • An exciting addition to the line up, Flokk’s ethos of sustainable interiors is the perfect fit for the project.

The Blind Shop

  • Another new brand for us, we’re looking forward to working with them.

Dobbies Garden Centre  

  • Looking forward to working with this nationwide brand to give our rooms a touch of green.

Ca Pietra

  • So excited to be working with the team at Ca Pietra and their beautiful tiles.


  • No room is complete without music! Looking forward to seeing how the Revamp Restyle Reveal teams incorporate the Sonos 1 into their spaces.

  • So happy to welcome back for a third Season and can’t wait to work with their lovely team again.

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 16.13.59.png

How To get involved

So this is all well and good, but how do YOU get involved?  We love a revamp and we know damn well that you do too. So we want to see yours.  It doesn't have to be a full room revamp, btw.  We want to see ANY type of revamp.  A shelf that needs a shuffle?  A transformative cushion swap on your sofa?  A mini upcycling project?  It's all about making the changes yourself.  As a massively transient decorator, I'm the worst when it comes to a room change and am always swapping things about.  For me, it refreshes the room and makes me feel happy - it's how I express my creative side and we want to see how you do the same.  

There's a hashtag and we want you to use it.  A lot.  It's #revamprestylereveal and as of Friday 1 March, it's going LIVE.  Post your revamps on this hashtag using the Instagram carousel swipe function (when you post your photos, it's the two little boxes symbol).  This means that we can see your before and after pics.  Make your revamped room the front one so that we can swipe across to see the original picture.  Or use the same hashtag on Twitter with a double photo, we'll see that too. Every week there'll be a fantastic prize from one of our sponsors for our favourite and you don't want to miss out.  This hashtag will be relevant all the way up to the final Reveal which is 2 April so put that date in your diary and get posting!

There'll be weekly updates on the website and on the YouTube channel with blogger videos showing what they've been doing.  We'll be updating the Instagram feed and Stories every single day during the four week project with our favourite swipe posts from the hashtag, so there's an excellent chance of being regrammed.

The family bathroom as it currently stands. Very, very brown.

The family bathroom as it currently stands. Very, very brown.

My Revamp Restyle Reveal Challenge

So which room am I planning to revamp? I’m taking on my biggest decor challenge to date - the Family Bathroom. This change cannot come quick enough, tbh. We currently have an en suite attached to our Master Bedroom. There’s a second bathroom which is also on the same floor which my three children use. Or are SUPPOSED to use. But they don’t. Because their bathroom has a shower above the bath and ours has a walk in shower. They much prefer a walk in shower. So what this means is that every morning, our bedroom is a thoroughfare for all five family members battling to get in first. My children like to wash, a fact I cannot complain about, but they also like to use our en suite as a personal relaxation and hang out zone.

Yes, this sounds like a First World Problem, I cannot deny that. But I can tell you that it’s not pleasant to encounter mud encrusted football kits, discarded school uniforms, half drunk glasses of squash and empty packets of Dairy Lea Dunkers when you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

There are other downsides to the family bathroom. Firstly, it’s brown. All of it. The tiles, the ceiling, the walls. I know that neutrals are on trend, but this room is an extreme example. Secondly, the window backs on to the outside office (basically a dumping ground for countless hoards of bamboo furniture that I drag out every summer) and this window is the cats entry point to the house. In order for her to reach this window and enter, we have an assault course style access route involving a step ladder positioned precisely the correct distance from the roof.

Therefore, the window is always open which means the room is always freezing and also often the last resting place of countless dead (and often alive) birds. It’s not uncommon to enter the bathroom to find it splattered with poo and a distressed pigeon cooing in the corner. A cat flap is calling her name (once I’ve worked out where to put it). It’s quite frankly an untenable situation so the decision to pick the Family Bathroom as my Revamp Restyle Reveal room wasn't a difficult one.

However, one of the downsides of picking this room is that there’s a lot of the work that I simply cannot do myself as it requires a skilled craftsman. Going by the ‘know your limits’ rule, I will have to employ a plumber, builder, a fabricator and an electrician to assist me in this task. But be assured that everything I can do myself, I will. The plan is to knock out a 3ft deep cupboard to create a double vanity area, remove the bath and replace it with a walled wet room. We have a bath in our ensuite so there’s no need to keep this one. I’ll be documenting what I’m doing on my Stories and also what the builders, Mick and Mike, are doing and how they are doing it throughout the entire process.

The Family Bathroom


So that’s it! We are so excited to get going - the past two Seasons have been so much fun and the best bit is seeing everyone’s revamps on the hashtag. Our bloggers will be undertaking some hardcore DIY tasks and we’re hoping this will encourage all of you who follow to do the same and show us on your feed. The bloggers have produced some seriously inspirational mood boards which we’re looking forward to seeing come together in their finished rooms. Each of our bloggers has a different style and aesthetic so by following along, you’ll be able to see their ideas in action.

This challenge would be nothing without those of you who follow and join in, so please use the hashtag and show us your own revamps so that we can share on our feed to inspire others! Roll on Friday and roll on Revamp Restyle Reveal. It’s going to be good.