Styling Your Garden: The Ibiza Edit

On Wednesday, I am going to Ibiza for the first time.  I have to admit at this point that when Joe announced that he wanted to go and listen to hardcore house for 24 hours a day, my enthusiasm was on the same level as his would have been had I asked him to go on a half day outing to Homesense.  When we first met, the play list in my Ford Sierra consisted of Mindy McCready and Shania Twain.  Joe's was more Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold. Despite this yawning chasm in our musical tastes, we managed to bond over the New Radicals but it must be said that twenty years later, I'm definitely in the Ed Sheeran camp whilst he has a lifelong addiction/affliction to the Stone Roses, a band whose music still makes me want to chop off my own head. Upon discussion, it soon became apparent that his ambition to hit an Ibizan Super Club in later life was one shared by our friends, so there'll be six of us riding the Forties Ferrari down Mid Life Crisis Boulevard.

Paradise Lost in Watford.  Where I spent most of the late eighties. 

Paradise Lost in Watford.  Where I spent most of the late eighties. 

I've never been a great clubber.  When I was 15, I used to go Camden Palace on a Wednesday with my friend Jessica and a boy called Bread, so called because he once lost consciousness when someone hit him over the head with a French stick.  My Dad would come and collect us at midnight, forced to hide around a dark corner in his car at the risk of being arrested for loitering with intent, just so that we could keep up the pretence of being achingly cool.  

Bogarts in South Harrow was another popular hangout.  In those days, ID wasn't even a consideration - our local pub in Pinner presented my friend Anna with a birthday cake on her 18th (she'd been a regular since the fifth form).  The late eighties took me to Paradise Lost in Watford, where Malibu and Coke was the drink of choice and the seating was stained velour booth style.  If you weren't wearing stilettos, a v backed t shirt dress, blue mascara and Rimmel Twilight Teaser, then you weren't coming in.



I started working in London in 1989 and conversely, my club attendance went seriously downhill.  Despite having excellent clubbing credentials - my brother used to DJ at The Church and I had a sous chef boyfriend who would drag me complaining to The Limelight - I was far happier drinking Harvey Wallbangers in the basement of Slap Harry's or sipping Pinot at The Dean Street Wine Bar.  My first question when planning my social life then - and now, in fact - was always, 'is there comfy seating?'.  Acid House totally passed me by.  I once went to The Gardening Club in Covent Garden and was appalled at the lack of wine choice.  To be fair, my night out requirements remain the same to this day.

There's several things about our trip to Ibiza that I am feeling very excited about.  Firstly, the idea of being prostrate on a lounger next to Joe in the sunshine without one of us jumping up and saying  'where are they and who is that screaming?' is, to me, heaven on earth.  Secondly, I have it on good authority from my sister in law, Natasha, that you can hire a boat and a man will swim up to you in the style of Daniel Craig appearing from the sea and hand you a Gin & Tonic (true fact).  And thirdly, everything that I have ever read, seen or heard about Ibiza leads me to believe that the interiors Instagramability is going to be off the scale.  Let's get our priorities right.

With this in mind, I decided to have a look to see if it were possible to recreate the warm, laid back, bohemian, cocktail drinking, sunset watching, Morcheeba listening, child free (sorry to press home the point) look in my own garden.  Here's an edit of my top Ibizan worthy finds.

Pom Pom Baskets , Zara Home £29.99 - £39.99

Pom Pom Baskets, Zara Home £29.99 - £39.99

White Woven Lantern , Maisons Du Monde £43.13

White Woven Lantern, Maisons Du Monde £43.13

Jaipur Neon Cushion , The Effortless Trading Company £42

Jaipur Neon Cushion, The Effortless Trading Company £42

Linear Mercury Hurricanes , West Elm £7.95 - £24.95

Linear Mercury Hurricanes, West Elm £7.95 - £24.95

Faro Jute Natural Circle Rug , Modern Rugs £119

Faro Jute Natural Circle Rug, Modern Rugs £119

Raised Earthenware , Zara Home £2.99 - £3.99

Raised Earthenware, Zara Home £2.99 - £3.99

Large Naked Roundie , Belly Basket Fantastic £23.12

Large Naked Roundie, Belly Basket Fantastic £23.12

Wicker Room Divider , Hartleys £27.95

Wicker Room Divider, Hartleys £27.95

Petrol Blue Cotton Mattress , Maisons Du Monde £115

Petrol Blue Cotton Mattress, Maisons Du Monde £115

Aristide Snack Tray , Maisons Du Monde £23.99

Aristide Snack Tray, Maisons Du Monde £23.99

Large Monstera Cushion , Poppy & Honesty £52

Large Monstera Cushion, Poppy & Honesty £52

Coriander & Citronella Outdoor Candle , The White Company £35
Hammock BERGFINK , JYSK £10

Hammock BERGFINK, JYSK £10

Tassel Embroidered Napkins , West Elm £19.95

Tassel Embroidered Napkins, West Elm £19.95

Buddha Planter , Next £30

Buddha Planter, Next £30

Lucena Cream Tassel Solar Lantern , Lights 4 Fun £9.99
Moroccan Cotton Throw,  Tea In Tangier, Etsy £23.49

Moroccan Cotton Throw, Tea In Tangier, Etsy £23.49

So wish me luck.  My bag is packed with my attempt at cool-enough-for-Ibiza outfits and my friend Pandora has already put aside the plastic Prosecco glasses for our 2.30 am departure on Wednesday morning (it's never too early).  Whether or not my husband, a man renowned for going to bed at 9.00 pm, will be able to last the course in Amnesia is another matter.  But one thing's for sure - my Instagram Stories will be there to record for posterity and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be completely seduced by this warm, sunshine drenched, interior inspiring island.  As long as there's comfy seating.

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