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When we moved into our house in York, it had been fully renovated by a property developer.  There was barely any work needed – everything was new, it simply needed updating to our own personal style.  The one thing that was a little bit of an issue was the stair and landing carpet.  As a family of five, including two boys who are football obsessed, the pale cream carpet that had been laid in these areas was completely impractical and lasted approximately two weeks before the first spillage occurred. 

Six months ago, in a fit of pique, I decided to rip up the much abused stair runner, leaving bare the boards.  My family were furious with me – not only were they constantly stepping on gripper rods, but the noise that both the children and the dog made running up the stairs was deafening.   It was also really hard on the feet and made what is quite an imposing area of my house feel a little bit scruffy.


So when Axminster Carpets asked me if I would work with them to find a suitable carpet for this area, I was over the moon.  I’m a huge fan of stair and landing carpet as it makes what can be quite cold areas feel much warmer, so was keen to replace it with a darker colour that was more aligned to our use as a family.

The Axminster brand is over 250 years old and I was really interested to find out more.  Back in 1755, Thomas Whitty started making carpet using the Axminster method and these carpets could be found in Chatsworth House and the Brighton Pavillion.   A disastrous fire stopped production for many years, until a decision was made to open another factory in Axminster to relaunch the brand.  With a Royal Warrant of Appointment, the company now produce carpets for Royal Households, stately homes, luxury hotels and homes around the World.   The name is synonymous with quality and exceptional customer service.

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They’re an ethical company – the factory is situated adjacent to the River Axe Special Area of Conservation and the whole site is managed in an environmentally friendly way.  All waste yarns are recycled into carpet underlay.   The manufacturing process is sensitive to environmental impact – the majority of the wool used is local in order to save travel miles and the wool and jute used in production is biodegradeable and can be recycled as industrial waste. 

But why should you choose a wool carpet over other, manmade products?  Here's five very good reasons why.

1.  A wool carpet will actually help cleanse the air of dust, airborne allergens and VOC’s – in fact, a 100% wool carpet will help limit the impact of living with an allergy.

2.  It’s flame retardant and won’t melt like manmade fibres do.

3.  Wool releases heat slowly in order to help insulate your room.

4.  It’s excellently acoustic, giving your home a really warm, cosy feel.

5.  It’s the environmentally friendly choice:  100% sustainable, biodigradeable and renewable.

So it’s clear that wool is the best choice possible when it comes to furnishing your home and Axminster Carpets have got this covered.  Their wool is selected from a range of British sheep breeds, therefore using only the best raw materials.  The British climate means that the wood is durable, flexible and warm.  From there, it’s spun into high quality yarn which is ready to be woven.  The backing is crafted from quality natural cotton and jute which is woven into lines, ensuring the carpet design is neat and accurate.

Axminster Carpets have a huge range of designs to choose from – from tartan to Persian, from floral to geometric, I needed to make a decision as to which one to pick and it wasn’t going to be easy!

My initial intention was to go for a patterned carpet.  In heavily used areas such as stairs, pattern is a durable option that doesn’t show the dirt, important when you have a family who are not always great at taking their shoes off.  However, my intention was to create a large gallery wall on the staircase which would be the main focal point of the space.  Also, with hard floors on the ground floor, I had used Persian runners in the main hallway so I came to the conclusion that the pattern contrast wouldn’t really work. 


So which to choose?  I decided to go for a mid grey that was both practical and warming.  The Simply Natural collection was perfect – a cabled yarn that blended well with the white walls of my décor and yet was hard wearing and suitable for a heavy use area.  I choose Grosgrain Basalt, with a runner up the main staircase and wall to wall fitted carpet in the remaining space.

After the pale cream debacle when we first moved in, I’ve realised that it’s really important to care for your carpet properly.  Axminster Carpets have some top tips on how to do this – you can click here to read – but here’s a couple that stood out to me.

1.      If your carpet pile starts to look flat – a real issue in high footfall areas – vacuum against the direction of the pile.  This helps to lift it.

2.     Don’t listen to old wives tales – salt and white wine are no good for cleaning red wine – make sure you use specialist carpet cleaning products instead.  Mop up spills using a clean white cloth.

3.     Finally, if in doubt, call in the experts!  Buying a carpet is an investment – it’s part of the bones of your house – so make sure you look after it properly and maintain it.

My new Axminster carpet is looking beautiful and has completely transformed my stairs and landing space.  I’m really pleased with it and the best thing is knowing that not only is it a practical choice, it’s a quality choice and will be there for years to come.  Plus, the neutral colour means that even if I change my décor, the carpet will still look great.  Perfect!

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This sponsored post was in conjunction with the lovely people at Axminster Carpets. I would never consider promoting a brand that I didn't love and wouldn't use myself.


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