REVAMP RESTYLE REVEAL: My Master Bedroom Update

When Bianca Hall and I got together to plan Season 2 of Revamp Restyle Reveal, we knew that it would be good.  We'd had a brilliant response to Season 1 and with almost double the amount of sponsors and some super creative bloggers lined up, it could only get better.  As a blogger host, I knew which room I was going to be doing immediately.  My bedroom is the only room in my home that is as yet untouched and it wasn't giving me any feels at all.  It was one of those rooms that was basically full of all the furniture that wasn't suitable for any other spaces.  

The before shot.

The before shot.

Joe's side table was a bamboo plant stand and a constant source of stress to him, only able to hold a phone charger and a glass of water.  The bedside lamps were huge - Homesense Clearance buys more suited to a Hotel - and the walls were a browny grey, a tone certainly not on my list of favourite colours.  Much as I swore when we got a dog that he would never climb the stairs, let alone sleep in our room, an unsightly cream velour dog bed was in the corner, shared by Buddy and Molly, the cat (who actually thinks she's a dog).  The ironing board was a permanent fixture and there were huge holes in the wall where Joe had once affixed a 55 inch television so that I could watch Piers Morgan in the morning.

Despite the down points, the master bedroom was actually one of the areas that had sold us the house when we first viewed.  Originally three separate rooms, they'd been wiggled around to create two small dressing rooms, a bedroom space and a ridiculously large en suite bathroom.  For Joe and I, in whose previous house our clothes were kept in plastic boxes under the bed, this was a complete revelation and the idea of not having to scrabble under the bed swearing every morning was enough for us to sign on the dotted line immediately.  

The dressing room has built in storage on my side with doors;  Joe's is open wardrobes.  Both of the areas were a bit boring and generally always very messy.  If you were to ask my family what my biggest failing was, they would say washing, every day of the week.  Which I don't.  Actually, it's not the washing I fail it, it's the putting away of clothes.  In our living room, we've currently got a basket filled to the brim with six months of odd socks to be matched up.  I can't tell you how much my family LOVE looking through this basket every single morning looking for a matching pair.  Jokes.

The en suite is grey tiled, very Hotel chic with a definite air of bling overkill coming from the blue rope lighting surrounding the jacuzzi bath, a la the Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion. The vanity unit is walnut gloss which doesn't really fit with the grey and white look going on in the rest of the bathroom.  My children also are very partial to using our bathroom as they prefer it to their own, mostly because it has a walk in shower - as a result, it's often strewn with mud covered football kits, empty packets of Mini Cheddars and McDonalds drinks.  Seriously.  I once started an Instagram story hashtag #foodifindinmybathroom.  Most mornings, I struggle to get into my own en suite because it's already being used by a child. 

This was my mood board plan.

This was my mood board plan.

Anyway, I was keen to try and make it a little more adult focused and less discarded pants orientated.I wanted to make my bedroom into a cool, contemporary, relaxed oasis - less laundry room, RSPCA sanctuary and more calming, zen like oasis.  I needed all the luck I could get to reach this stage.  This is what I did.


Painted The Walls

I was so excited about changing the wall colour.   The browny grey just didn't do it for me and I wanted the room to blend with the style of the house.  I am a huge fan of using white as a background - for a colour addict such as myself, it's the perfect backdrop for adding accessories and building up the layers.  

I chose White from the Lifestyle range at Earthborn, a soft colour that was the perfect base for the room.  I used White Eggshell for the skirting and woodwork which blended beautifully. 


Made The Doors A Feature

There are two doors either side of the fireplace.  They're those hopeless sorts of cupboards, the ones which are too shallow as wardrobes and only useful for thin shelving.  I use one for shoes and the other for all the other stuff which you don't know where to store - photo albums, Christmas cards, children's drawings from 2003.  That sort of thing.  

Anyway, I liked the idea of making them a feature so I painted them in Earthborn Hidey Hole using Eggshell, after washing and priming them.  I was so pleased with the result.  The central fireplace is original and the surround is dark marble, so the colours were perfect together.  I added some new handles and they were transformed.


Added Lighting

The central light in the room was huge - I'd added it for impact when we moved in but it was really far too big for the space.  I replaced it with the Hyde twelve light pendant from David Hunt Lighting which I was super happy with.  White and gold with a nod to mid century design, it's perfect for both my style and my home.  Matching Hyde single wall lights in the same style completed the look.  I'm absolutely furious with myself for not considering wall lights before - they completely free up the bedside table and also create a space for styling which is previously an area I hadn't even thought about.  Perfect!

My dressing room was also in need of a side light.  I picked the Aurene table lamp from The Cotswold Company that added the right mix of texture and glam - the perfect size for the dressing table.

Brought In The Tech

We'd removed the television from our bedroom some time ago after being harassed by Leo that he needed it to play Fortnite, the nemesis of all parents of boys.  Joe and I are prone to Netflix binge watching and there is no TV point in our room so we needed a television that could harness the WIFI from the mesh. sent me the Toshiba 4K Ultra HD TV 43 inch  which was perfect for the space - not too big but still large enough to be able to watch whilst lazing in bed.  

They also provided me with a Pure Evoke H4 Dab Radio for my now freed up bedside table which, I have to say, is the most exciting bit of tech I've received in a long time.  The sound is amazing, it's easy to change the channel and it also tells you which song is playing which is my personal fave feature.  Finally, as someone who works on social media as a full time job and is extremely prone to working after hours, a Huawei Media Pad M5 was an essential addition to the bedside table.  Although trying to keep it for myself is an ongoing job in itself with three tech obsessed children.



Added A Central Mirror

The central area above the fireplace was previously home to a large print.  It's position was literally crying out for a mirror and had a round one that looked like it was meant to be.  Called the Iris, it's a full metre wide with a black metal surround that gives it an industrial edge but which also meant it blended perfectly with the painted cupboard doors and the radiator.  

Joe put it up for me and I excitedly storied it, only to be told by 20 followers that he'd not centralised it.  Out with the drill again.  It looks gorgeous there and what I love even more is that it reflects the coloured glass shelf from the hallway which is always difficult to photograph.


Created A Seating Area

There's a space to the right hand side of the window that is always difficult to fill. It doesn't have a focus and is quite shallow, so I measured it out to see what could be  done.  I realised that Maisons Du Monde had the perfectly sized Sacha petrol blue velvet bench that fitted perfectly plus it gave the bedroom a much needed feel of luxury.  

I really like a bench in the bedroom - Ella has one at the end of her bed - again, they add that extra layer which is really important when you are styling a space. I - shock, horror - created a gallery wall above with some of my favourite prints, all of which have been sent to me by small, independent artists. 


Took Away The Plant Stands

So much to Joe's disappointment (read: ecstatic delight), the bamboo plant stands were removed from the bedroom.  In their place, I picked the Portobello bedside tables from Maisons Du Monde.  I'm super picky about what goes at the side of the bed and shy away from traditional chests, which is why we've had everything from blanket boxes to drinks trolleys by the bed.  

Made of solid oak, these look sleek and retro, plus they have a drawer which means Joe has somewhere to put his countless chargers, phones and tech equipment.  


Added Neutral Bedding

I'm a big fan of neutral bedding and knew that Christy would be able to come up with something that would look lovely.  And indeed they did, providing me with a beautiful white duvet set, an Oslo throw in Charcoal that matched the doors and some gorgeous cushions to style the bed.  

Serious Hotel chic.  My bedroom was feeling more and more grown up by the second.


Used What I Had Already

So if you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm always up for recycling and upcycling.  Revamp Restyle Reveal is a great opportunity to add new pieces to my home, but it also aids the recycling process as I freecycled all the pieces I was replacing.  Anything small enough, I took to the charity shop to be resold.  

During Season 1 of Revamp Restyle Reveal, I bought an upcycled Persian rug for my Entertainment Room revamp.  I decided to reuse this in my bedroom as I was keen to have a rug that fitted underneath the bed.  Always partial to a Persian rug, this one covers the majority of the grey bedroom carpet and acts as a bedside rug too due to it's huge size.  

My Grandmother's blanket box sits in the window alcove and I loved the juxtaposition of it next to the new pieces, so that stayed.  I always like mixing old and new together, especially when the furniture is handed down through the family.  It's also super handy for storage.

Wallpapered My Dressing Room

My dressing room has five wardrobe doors and one long mirrored door.  They're light coloured MDF and totally inoffensive but really, seriously not lovely in any way at all.  I decided that the small room needed impact so picked Cranes In Flight from the Palmetto range by Harlequin to do this job for me.  After wallpapering the walls (and nearly killing myself by getting stuck on top of the wardrobes), I went for it and wallpapered the wardrobe doors.  

Was it easy?  Yes!  I didn't prep it but I did wash them down and dry them before starting.  I cut the wallpaper to size and then pasted the door, taking it slightly around each door edge.  So simple yet the effect is amazing - it's a fluffy clouded, crane flying, surreal pink space and I love it.  I added new handles to the doors and it's the perfect dressing room - the white walls the other side of the arch mean that there's a great view looking in as there's nothing to clash with it. 



Wallpapered Joe's Dressing Room

So Joe's dressing room has a ledge which he uses as a dressing table/AKA place to hold all his random stuff.  I decided that seeing as mine was wallpapered, it would look pretty cool if his was too so I chose Seagrass in Slate from Harlequin, quite a masculine paper with a texture that I really liked.  

I added a circular mirror from Sainsbury's Home which tied up with the circular mirror in the main room, then added accessories and storage pieces from the same sponsor.  He's as pleased as a man can be with his new space.  Although it's only a matter of time before it's full of discarded contact lense wrappers and petrol receipts.  


Brought In Vintage

I love vintage furniture so I was keen to add a piece of thrifted furniture to the space, so visited my local Community Furniture Warehouse where I picked up a 1980's Stag dressing table.  After cleaning it up, it fitted into my dressing room perfectly and has loads of storage drawers and a huge mirror.  

Not bad for £40.  Not only that, it's exactly the same wood as the new bedside tables so I'm very pleased with them.


Added Cool Radiators

Our house was bought from a property developer who, for reasons unknown, decided to install the cheapest radiators possible in every room of the house.  My bedroom has two such radiators. gave me two Anthracite colosseum traditional radiators - again, the dark grey is perfect against the cupboard doors and the fireplace and create focal point rather than an eyesore.  It's such a simple change but it's so effective.


Styled The Space

A selection of lovely accessories from Sainsbury's Home, including emerald green vases and some beautiful scented candles, were all that was needed to finish off the room.  I added some vintage items and vases I already had, including a glass bedroom carafe in purple glass. 

Oh, and plants of course.  Lots of them.  A room is never complete without some added textured greenery.










Updated The En Suite

The walnut unit and mirror were removed and provided me with a Trevia Double Pro Basin vanity unit.  We've never had a house with a double sink unit before and it's a REVELATION.  No more moaning about Joe's disposable contact lenses or beard shaver.   My sink is now my very own. added an Omega Illuminated LED mirror above the unit that looks amazing and the two big drawers underneath hold all of our toiletries and more.  The vanity is a brilliant space saver and keeps the space looking tidy.  The unit is white which means it gives a overall more coordinated and relaxing feel to the en suite as it's all white and grey.


Added Lovely Accessories

I really wanted to make the en suite look more like an adult space so I added grey and white accessories from the Malta range from to give it a cohesive look. A lined laundry basket from The Cotswold Company was added for practicality and Supreme Hygro white towels, a Mali bathrobe and Supreme Hygro bathmat from Christy made it look Hotel perfect.  

The room is transformed - now all I have to do is keep the children out.

So that's it!  I'm so pleased with my new bedroom - the white walls have meant that I can really add what I love into the space - including my favourite decor item, the Persian rug - and the dark contrast of the cupboards is super effective.  I'm really happy with the wallpaper in both dressing rooms which gives them real character and individuality which I like.  Plus, who wouldn't want to get dressed surrounded by fluffy pink clouds and giant flying cranes in the morning?  It's like all kinds of happy in one room.  Let me know what you think by commenting below, I'd love to hear your views!


Four weeks of high emotion, high pressure, lots of painting and much wallpaper paste but it was a huge amount of fun.  The Instagram interiors community has become a hugely positive network and it was amazing to see everyone get on board and post their revamps in line with the bloggers - so much enthusiasm and encouragement for the project.  Projects like Revamp Restyle Reveal really show what our social media platform is all about.  Inspiration, creativity and community.  With so many thanks to our lovely bloggers who have all done the most amazing jobs on their rooms and have been the BEST EVER fun along the way.  BRING ON SEASON 3!

With many thanks to our amazing sponsors who provided the product for this revamp.  I would never consider promoting a brand that I did not love or would not have in my own home.