And So To Bed: The Emma Mattress

Getting a good nights sleep is, for me, essential.  As I get older, the more sleep I get (combined with huge amounts of super retinol and moisturiser obviously), the better I feel and one of the main contributing factors to achieving this is a good mattress.


When Emma asked me if I would trial one of their ‘one fits all’ concept mattresses, I was sorely tempted for my own bed.  However, my daughter Ella is 16 and has suffered with minor back issues for quite a few years, ever since a freak accident when she was seven.  I’d just had my third baby, Leo, and my husband Joe decided to take Ella and my other son, Max, camping locally for a night with friends.  As I relaxed at home whilst Leo slept, excited at the prospect of a glass of wine and a film with no distractions, there was a phone call from my friend to say that Joe was on the way back with Ella.  When getting her duvet out of the car, she had tripped and hit her head on the hubcap edge.  We whisked her to A&E and she had cracked her skull, but there was nothing to be done about it but wait for it to heal. 

Anyway, the impact had caused a jolt to her neck that meant that from that point, she has suffered from back pain and has regular chiropractic sessions to ease it.  I decided that Ella’s need was greater than mine so a King Sized Emma foam mattress was soon winging it’s way to her. 

Emma is a super fast growing start up company and is currently available in eight countries.  Delivery is free, they offer a free 100 night trial to see if you are happy with your purchase and if you’re not, you can return it free of charge.  There’s no hidden costs and they will give you a free refund if you think that it’s not for you.  This is hugely refreshing and makes the whole process much more stress free – a mattress is a fairly big investment and you want to be sure you have got it right.

It’s basically a bed in a box.  It arrives shrink rolled and compact and it’s easy to unroll.  It comes with a cutter to remove the foil and you lay it out flat.  It only takes a few minutes to expand to it’s normal size and it’s ready to use immediately after.

There’s plenty of companies around to choose from if you are looking for a new mattress.  So what makes the innovative Emma mattress product stand out from the crowd? 

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 13.46.43.png

It Keeps You Cool

The top cover consists of a special climate fibre that regulates humidity.   It’s also elastic so it fits the core of your mattress perfectly.

It’s Breathable

The Airgocell foam is super comfortable as it’s got point elasticity that allows one area to compress without affecting the rest of the mattress.  The open pored material won’t make you sweat.

It Adapts To Your Body

It has up to 2500 unique conical pocket springs mean that it balances out pressure disparities and provides the exact support your body needs.

Its Optimised For Comfort

The visco elastic memory foam distributes pressure optimately  and therefore adapts to your body and keeps you comfortable in any sleep position.

It’s Supportive

The cold foam base layer supports you where it matters.  It provides necessary counter pressure where your body needs it during sleep and therefore supports your lower back.

Emma has been awarded a Which? Award, the biggest consumer organisation in the UK for testing and comparing products.  All the products that are tested by Which? take popularity, brand reliability, innovation and price into account when choosing which models to test.  The Emma mattress has been tested in categories such as performance, durability, ease of use and comfort and has highly scored.  And not only that, it’s been awarded a Best Buy for 2017.  It’s a winner.


So what benefits do you reap from getting a good nights sleep?  Here’s a few of the basics:

1.      It can improve your memory 

Whilst you are sleeping, your brain kicks in with things learned whilst you were awake, strengthening your memory bank.

2.     It can affect your quality of life

People who get the correct amount of sleep live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

3.     It can heighten your creative streak

Feeling fresh, active and ready for the new day can spur on the creative part of your brain and encourage you to do new things.

4.     It can sharpen your attention span  

Feeling rested means you will be more alert and more prepared to face the day ahead.

5.    It can improve your study

Okay, so I’ve added this one as Ella is a 16 year old about to take her GCSE’s but there’s no doubt that having a good nights sleep can improve your exam performance by taking into account the four points above!

So what does Ella think?  It’s early days to see an improvement on her back but compared to her previous mattress which was a four year old standard sprung product, it’s an absolute dream.  It’s firm but super comfortable and she’s certainly sleeping better.  She’s studying hard and hoping that a good nights sleep will aid her GCSE results!

You can get £100 off a new Emma mattress by using code LISA100.  Click here to go to their website!

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This sponsored post was in conjunction with the lovely people at Emma.  I would never consider promoting a brand that I didn't love and wouldn't use myself.





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