Sanderson Paint: The Launch Of Fifty New Colours

Last month, I was invited, together with a group of interior and lifestyle bloggers, to the Sanderson Hotel on Berners Street by the team at Sanderson Paint. The invitation was to celebrate and view their new collection of fifty beautiful paint colours. The location was key - the Sanderson Building was built in 1958 to be the Headquarters for Arthur Sanderson & Sons, manufacturers of wallpaper, fabric and paint, in time for the company’s centennial. Back in 1900, Arthur Sanderson had launched a small collection of paints to complement his existing wallpaper and fabric collections and the brand has gone from strength to strength. The Sanderson name is renowned for leading the way in timeless design.

With the addition of the newly launched colours, there are now 154 colours to choose from, each one having been designed for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Sanderson tints all of their paints in house here in the UK, and they are made to order in the same facility in which the wallpapers are manufactured.

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The Sanderson Building is focused around an inner Japanese courtyard garden, designed by Philip Hicks. It was reopened in 2000 by the Morgans Hotel Group and refurbished by Philippe Starck and Denton Corker Marshall. It’s a beautiful space and was the perfect place for the Sanderson team to launch the fifty new paint additions to their range. And there was a extra bonus to the day - Sophie Robinson was bringing her Colour Workshop and we were all invited.

Equipped with coffee and biscuits, we set out to discover which Colour Seasonailty our interior style was most aligned to - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. We were helped to decide which season we fell into by collating a mood board of our own, using fabrics, papers and paint colours to help pinpoint our own particular style. Each season has it’s own specific traits.

SPRING: Warm but clear colours, natural tones, energetic prints.

SUMMER: Muted and subtle colours, flowing patterns.

AUTUMN: Deep, rich colours, rustic style.

WINTER: Sharp, cool, bright, geometric design.









So which one was I? My style has the most affinity with the Autumn colour palette with a hint of Winter. I like a neutral palette, but with plenty of colour and lots of texture. Sophie believes that using colour psychology helps bring clarity and focus to your scheme and ensures that choices that you make in your home are here to stay rather than trend or fad based. If you are someone who agonises over a paint or fabric choice, then it’s a brilliant option for whittling it down to what you really love. It was fascinating to see how our mood boards evolved and how they reflected our own individual style. We used papers, paint colours and fabrics from the Sanderson collection to help us create the perfect combination to suit our personalities.

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So how did this fun and interactive workshop combine with the fabulous new colours launched by Sanderson? They’ve divided their beautiful new tones into five colour stories, laid out below:


Winter Coastal

These tones have been inspired by days on the beach and the British coastline. It’s an uplifting yet tranquil palette which is perfect for modern family life. Shades of soft blues and greens combine with warm creams to create a sense of balance and unity. Paint colours include Embleton Bay, Silver Frost and Menai Blue bring some coastal joy into your spaces.

Calm Moments


Neutrals are back with vengeance and this colour story shows you how to mix the tones to create a relaxing sanctuary. Super sophisticated and calming to the senses, the range consists of subtle grey, brown and neutral tones which combine beautifully. Colours such as Grey Mist, Wren Feather and Owlswick create a welcoming ambiance.

Woodland Walk

This colour palette immediately brings to mind autumnal walks. Tones of green and mustardy yellows bring the outdoors into your home and create an interior which resonates with nature. Colours such as Silver Fern, Briarwood and Woodland Yellow inspire you to rekindle your love for the outdoors.

Autumn Riches


It’s the season for change as the leaves turn to ambers, reds and yellows. These colours are reflected in this story and include Rowan Berry, Golden Honey and Elder Bark to bring the cosiness of Autumn into your homes. It’s time to light the candles as the nights draw in and these tones are perfect for warming up your space.

Gorgeous Greens

Green symbolises new beginnings and was the Pantone Colour Of The Year for 2017. It’s still hugely popular in interiors and has many associations with positively - in Japan, green signifies eternal life and in the western world it’s linked with growth and progress. The palette includes a range of tones such as Devon Green, Gardenia Green and Artichoke, all of which combine beautifully to create a layered look in your home.


The Sanderson team suggest that in order to make the right paint choice for your home, you should look at various factors. These include lighting conditions in the room - is it a dark room or does it have lots of natural light? Another element to consider is the furnishings and textures that are already in the space.

Also important is the paint finish that you choose. All of their colours are available in a full complement of finishes - Active Emulsion, Water Based Eggshell, Oil Based Eggshell and Acrylic Eggshell. You can see the full colour palette by clicking here.

Thanks so much to Sanderson for a fabulous day in beautiful surroundings, and to the wonderful Sophie Robinson for a fascinating insight into the world of colour psychology.

This is a sponsored blog in collaboration with the lovely people at Sanderson Paint. I would never recommend or promote any product or brand that I didn’t truly have an affinity with.