In May of this year, I met with two like minded interior obsessives to discuss an inkling of an idea. Bianca Hall is the writer of the super popular French For Pineapple blog and Oliver Thomas is an interior designer who was a finalist on this years Great Interior Design Challenge so I was in good company. We met at Bianca's house in Hackney to hatch our plan. Unbelievably, no alcohol was involved which was rather disappointing seeing as Pisco Sours are one of Bianca's claims to fame.


Our intention was to launch a project that was a little bit different than anything else that had been done before in the U.K.  The Instagram interior scene has been going from strength to strength over the last year.  In October 2016, I launched the first U.K. Interiors hashtag with Dee Campling and Fiona Cameron (who came up with the idea), #myhomevibe, which immediately took off and now has over 120k posts. This hashtag caused a domino effect and now there are hundreds of interior hashtags here in the U.K., whatever your style of decor. Interiors on social media is a force to be reckoned with and Bianca, Oliver and I wanted to take that a step further.

So what was our plan? We wanted to take it to the next level by encompassing not just Instagram but multiple social media platforms in order to create a project that covered every base and encouraged other interior minded individuals, not just Instagram based, to join in.

So what did we come up with? The answer was REVAMP RESTYLE REVEAL. Taking inspiration from the popular One Room Challenge over in the US, we planned a format that would engage and include as many people as possible on as many platforms as we could.

This was our plan. To recruit ten well known U.K. based interior bloggers to revamp one room in their home over the course of four weeks. We'd recruit brand sponsors to aid the bloggers in their revamps and at the same time, give the brands the opportunity to launch products and promote their services. 


Revamp was the key word. We weren't talking serious structural changes, huge outlay or total refit. We were talking refresh. Add to what they already had, upcycle, make small changes that would have a big impact. We purposely chose to invite bloggers who had solid DIY backgrounds to join in so that they could showcase their skills and make the most of what the sponsors were offering. Achievable, affordable and accessible was the aim but also aspirational.

But most of all, we wanted to involve the most important people of all in this project - and that's YOU. So we've created a hashtag - #revamprestylereveal.  Alongside the bloggers updates, we want to see what you are doing in your own homes. We want to see your revamps - whether it's upcycling a thrifted cabinet or rearranging a shelf, we want you to post before and after pictures to our hashtag using the carousel swipe feature. And we'll be giving away regular prizes from both sponsors and small independents and reposting our favourites daily on the official social media feeds.

Planning this took time and quite a few Pisco Sours and Aperol Spritz. We set up a YouTube channel and asked the bloggers to create a short film to explain who they were and what their plans were. We created a website detailing bloggers, sponsors and how people could take part. We set up a Twitter feed and an Instagram feed to give daily updates on progress. We chose sponsors who would be aligned to what we were doing.


As hosts, we'll also be joining in and revamping a room in our own homes. I've chosen my pale grey sitting room and can't wait to get started. 

So click over to the website and have a look. You'll be able to find out which bloggers are taking part, who our sponsors are plus check out mood boards and short films of the bloggers plans.

So when does it start? Kick off is 4 September and four weeks from then we will blog hop our way through the results of the bloggers hard labours.  But in the meantime time, GET POSTING!  Post on Instagram, post on Twitter, post on YouTube.  We want to see what you are doing in your homes, we want to know how the project has inspired you and what changes you have made in your spaces. Without you, it won't work so we need your input. And use the hashtag - #revamprestylereveal.

Bianca, Oliver and I can't wait to work with you all to make this project the biggest interior blog and social media challenge to date here in the U.K.! Let's do this!

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