Cushion Addiction: The Struggle Is Real

I have always had a bit of a thing about cushions.  When it comes to decorating your home, soft furnishings, it has to be said, are one of the most exciting parts of pulling it all together.  They add texture and soften the overall look of the room.  Textiles bring an extra layer to your designs and are perfect for contributing that colour pop if you don't want to go the whole hog with the rest of the room.  Plus, they are an economical and easy way to update your space without spending a fortune.

Rodman Primack  knows how to style a cushion.  Photography by Belen Imaz.

Rodman Primack knows how to style a cushion.  Photography by Belen Imaz.

When I was going through my shabby shite (sorry, chic) phase, I used to make cushions myself from ticking fabric.  I had the most brilliant book called Cushions, Pillows & Throws by Lucinda Ganderton which immediately prompted me to go on to eBay and buy an old Singer sewing machine.  I was obsessed with making envelope cushions and spent hours finding the perfect buttons in John Lewis.  Unbelievably, I also used to make my own roman blinds using fabric remnants bought on eBay.  

These were the days when Rita Konig's Domestic Bliss was fresh in the shops and the perfect home was allegedly achievable.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the route to becoming Reading's answer to Kirsty Allsop I had a third child, my sewing box was repurposed for baby wipes and the sewing machine disappeared into the loft abyss.

Nowadays, I simply don't have the time to make my own.  With three children, a dog and two kittens, the idea of being able to sit quietly at the machine is totally unachievable due to the fact the kittens would destroy anything I left out within two minutes.  Buddy, our Lhasa Apso, is just as bad.  A few years ago, my mother in law bought me a gorgeous Ben De Lisi bulldog cushion from Debenhams for my birthday.  Oh, how I loved that cushion!  Unfortunately, so did Buddy.  He decided that him and the cushion were a match made in Tinder heaven and humped it at every opportunity, carrying it around the house in his jaws as if it were a trophy.  Due to having a sex life more demanding than Hugh Hefner's Playgirls, the cushion soon deteriorated and it was with great regret that I had to bin it.

The love of Buddy's life.  The Ben De Lisi bulldog cushion.

The love of Buddy's life.  The Ben De Lisi bulldog cushion.

Cushions are the only area of my life in which I can genuinely claim to be OCD.  Even if my house resembles the set of Filthy Rich & Catflap, I STILL insist on rearranging the cushions to perfection every night before I go to bed.  I actually cannot leave the room until they are plumped.  Joe thinks it's ridiculous and is always 'accidentally' unplumping them as he leaves the room just to irritate me.  It is true, however, that my sofa's haven't actually been seen since 2004 due to the excessive amount of cushions and throws displayed upon them.  I just can't resist a cushion.  I can always find somewhere to put them and to be fair, am regularly recycling them in different areas.  If I get bored, I'll put a different cover on them so they are always a good investment.

After posting on Instagram for 18 months, I've realised that I'm not alone in my love for a good cushion.  You only need to search our hashtag #myhomevibe to see that no sofa is complete without soft furnishings being placed in abandonment, often to the detriment of actually being able to sit on it.  So I thought it would be worth doing an edit of my favourites, from budget to a bit of luxury to break the bank beautiful.  Hold on to your purse, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Reinmjelt Cushion , JYSK £8.99

Reinmjelt Cushion, JYSK £8.99

Palm Beach Silk Pillow , Mariska Meijers 129 Euro

Palm Beach Silk Pillow, Mariska Meijers 129 Euro

LOVE Cushion , Rockett St George £69

LOVE Cushion, Rockett St George £69

Pink Sundae Velvet Cushion , Lucy Tiffney £98

Pink Sundae Velvet Cushion, Lucy Tiffney £98

Vandiris Cushion , JYSK £8.99

Vandiris Cushion, JYSK £8.99

Berber Kilim Cushion , Dar Beida Moroccan Living £58

Berber Kilim Cushion, Dar Beida Moroccan Living £58

Rose Trellis Cushion , Hilary & Flo £72

Rose Trellis Cushion, Hilary & Flo £72

Pheasant Feather Cushion , The Range £5.99

Pheasant Feather Cushion, The Range £5.99

Cactus Cushion , Bluebell Gray £50

Cactus Cushion, Bluebell Gray £50

Musee Peacock Cushion , Dunelm £24
Fringed Cushion , Matalan £12

Fringed Cushion, Matalan £12

Isosine Cushion , Quirk & Rescue £45

Isosine Cushion, Quirk & Rescue £45

Ginsberg Is God , Bella Freud £160

Ginsberg Is God, Bella Freud £160

Linocut Animal Cushion , Matalan £8
Alpha Velvet Cushion , Evelle Home for Joyful Home Company £85

Alpha Velvet Cushion, Evelle Home for Joyful Home Company £85

Ropa Printed Cushion , La Redoute £22

Ropa Printed Cushion, La Redoute £22

Alanna Cushion , Maisons Du Monde £15.59

Alanna Cushion, Maisons Du Monde £15.59

Time Flies Cushion , Minna's Room at NOTHS £24

Time Flies Cushion, Minna's Room at NOTHS £24

Waterproof Cushion , Missoni Home £140

Waterproof Cushion, Missoni Home £140

Maui Cushion , Bianca Hall £30

Maui Cushion, Bianca Hall £30

1970 Cushion Red , Bella Freud £160

1970 Cushion Red, Bella Freud £160

Parfeto Cushion , La Redoute £18

Parfeto Cushion, La Redoute £18

Tropical Cheese Plant Cushion , Jan Constantine at Amara £86

Tropical Cheese Plant Cushion, Jan Constantine at Amara £86

Whether your budget is champagne, cava or Pink Lady (there's a memory), a cushion purchase will always give your room a refresh and add a bit of colour when you feel that you are bored with your decor.  And there's no shame in realising that you are, like me, a cushion addict.  Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.  Then you can hit the shops.

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