Six Key Trends: Covet, Want, Have

So I've had a pretty busy week this week and have unusually left it until Friday to write my blog post.   This is a bad move on many counts.  Firstly, I couldn't think of anything to write about and this afternoon had started writing a SERIOUSLY boring post on Storage (I won't slag it off too much as I will probably bring it out at a later date).  Secondly, I am going out on Saturday for a girls lunch to celebrate the birthday of my amazingly talented and beautiful friend, Emma Garcia, so the chances of me being sober enough to write anything cohesive after this is nil.  And thirdly, as I write this I have now had four glasses of Vina Sol. 

Birthday girl Emma.  

Birthday girl Emma.  

Earlier this evening as I proceeded to run up 150 miles in one day whilst undertaking my fifth taxi service outing, I asked my kids their views on what I could write about that was more interesting than Storage.  I had always presumed that the chances of them reading my blog were no higher than them reading Joe's Concepts Of Marketing & Strategy but apparently they have, in fact, glanced at it more than once and did have an opinion.  

So my blog post today is about current trends.  As brainstormed by Ella.  This is quite ironic as I run workshops on not sticking to trends, but as I write this, I realise that actually, I do, whether I'm aware of it or not, incorporate many of these trends into my home.   My ethos and focus is on styling your home as you like and creating a home and environment that makes you smile every time you walk through the door, but we all are influenced by what we see, read and hear, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Plus, I've realised that I find new trends exciting.  You don't need to go all out.  You can just incorporate a little bit into your space, just a nod to new ideas and new concepts.   A cushion, a print, a fabric.  So after consideration, here's my top six current trends and choices for all budgets - covet it, want it or reasonably priced enough to have it. Here goes.


Marble is everywhere.  Walls, bedding, accessories, fabrics.  Even Ella has a marble phone case. It's cool, classic and effortlessly stylish, fabulous against metallics, particularly brass.  BUT.  It doesn't have to be expensive.  Want a marble kitchen worktop?  There are some amazing man made substitutes out on the market for a super reasonable price.  You can even buy sheets of sticky marble to cover shelves and give them a whole new lease of life.  If you want to invest in something that will last the trend course, then a marble coffee table is a good bet. 


This eye catching marble Nestor coffee table is a luxury buy, but oh, so beaut.  

Habitat £595



Brass, glass and marble are a perfect combination.  This one will really give your room that luxe feel for a reasonable price.

Oliver Bonas £355


The perfect little marble topped side table from La Redoute.  And get in quick - there's 40 percent off all homewares at the moment which makes this beauty even more of a bargain.

La Redoute £195



Jungalow style is hot as hell.  Bringing the outdoor in is cool and plants are adorning everything from cushion covers to dinnerware.  If you haven't got any plants, you're not in the gang and hanging baskets are the new cacti.  Nothing sums up the ongoing botanical trend more than the ubiquitous banana leaf wallpaper.  Here's three that will make you want to immediately redecorate.



This is the original Martinique wallpaper which started the whole damn craze.  Originally seen at the Beverley Hills Hotel, it's super luxe with a price tag to match. Only available to be shipped from the States, it's not the cheap option but hey, it's a stunner.

Designer Wallpapers $339.39


Now, this one is a good medium priced option.  This fab paper from Mind The Gap is sold in three 3m drops and looks amazing.  A good buy.

Rockett St George £150



I love this one SO much that I'm putting it on my own walls next week.  Super cool, it smashes the greenery trend and has serious impact on your space.

The Loft And Us £87.50


So apparently, brass is the new copper.  It's still has the industrial edge but it's much more glamorous, softer than gold and looks fantastic with black.  Both Bianca Hall and I recently independently visited Liberty London and both ended up storying the same amazing brass palm lamp that was totally lighting goals which I was all set to post but can't find a picture.  So here's three that will make your heart sing instead.


The dream.  This is the Cliff pendant light and it's goals times twenty.  Minimal and aesthetically pleasing, it may mean an extension on the mortgage but it's well worth it, I'd say.

Conran Shop £1,350



This brass trumpet spider light is an absolute work of art.  With moveable arms, you can spotlight individual areas and it's a guaranteed talking point. I've got a similar version of this light in black in my dining room and it's ALWAYS commented on when people visit.  A good investment for sure.

Rockett St George £550


This the baby sister of the lights above but it's still totally gorgeous.  With brass fixing and black arms, it's pleasing to the eye and it's simple design won't date.  Plus the price is more than achievable. £99

Navy Blue

So Navy is the new Black and it's set to take over wall wise from darker hues with a vengeance. It has the benefit of looking fabulous against virtually anything, plus blue is well known for being a calming and restful colour.  There's lots around and soft furnishings in particular are going for it in velvet plushness and deep tones.  Here's my fave three.


The Mowbray is a super luxurious theatre style chair.  It's a solid investment at a slightly heavier price but will last a lifetime.

Arlo & Jacob £1,055


This one ticks lots of boxes.  Firstly, it's a mid priced option.  Secondly, it's got the serious luxe effect going on.  And thirdly, it's part of the Mad About The House collection which makes it a winner before you even sit on it. £599


So this chair, The Hygena Angel, was a little bit of a pleasant surprise.  It's contemporary and stylish and even better, a price that you wouldn't believe.  Yay for Argos.

Argos £229

Art Deco

Art Deco is back and it's looking good.  Decorative and geometric, its easy to incorporate alongside other current trends, particularly marble and brass.  Mirrors are a perfect option and I've shown three that are spot on.


This gorgeous art deco style mirror is a beauty and even though it's the top of my budget trio, it's still a pretty good price.  

Perch & Parrow £220



This little number would look perfect placed anywhere in your home.  It's a gorgeous shape that gives a nod to the art deco trend.

Rockett St George £125


This stunning mirror is not only a reasonable price, it's HUGE.  It's over 70cm high which is a fair bit of mirror for your money.  Plus it looks much more expensive than it is and would fit beautifully into any space.

Argos £49.99

Natural Wall Finishes

It's all about natural materials this year and wall coverings haven't been left out.  Concrete, tiles, marble and wood have all been projected on to our walls via the glory of photography and it's all looking very good indeed.  Here's a few that will make you want to get down and dirty.  Texturally, obvs.


This concrete wallpaper is so effective you'd have no idea it wasn't the real thing.  Cool and contemporary, it's the perfect backdrop to textural furnishing.

NLXL at John Lewis £199


This antique mirror effect paper would look fabulous in a bathroom or small space. Seriously effective at a reasonable price.

Cole & Son Mariinsky £85


This brilliant concrete slab effect paper is an absolute bargain and looks just like the real thing.  A perfect budget option.

Next £15

So there you go.  My first blog post written under the influence of half a bottle of Spanish white and a large piece of carrot cake.   Trends come and go, but in the meantime, it's interesting, exciting and inspiring to add new colours and textures to your space.  But the most important thing, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with things that you love.  Stick to that rule and you'll never go wrong.