How To Get A Good Night's Sleep With Third

Getting a good nights sleep is, for me, an essential.  With three children aged between eight and 15, it's been a long time coming after many years being interrupted at regular intervals whilst I attempted to get the full eight hours.  Anyone with children knows that your bed is not your own during those years and it's more like a drop in centre than a luxury oasis.  For many years I slept with baby monitors by the bed, my attempts at sleep disturbed by every whimper and whinge.  My eight year old still comes into my bedroom every morning at 6.30 am to grab my iPhone to play Minecraft.  Seriously.  


Anyway, now they are older I've been trying to create a room that is a haven of tranquility and so when Third asked me to team up with them to try out their beautiful bedding, I jumped at the chance.  I immediately knew that I had made the right choice when it arrived.  If there is one thing that I love, it's perfect packaging, and Third have excelled themselves in this area.  Each item was individually wrapped in soft branded envelopes and there was a small zipped pouch, inside of which were two Bedtime Tea Bags and a Sleep Well Spray.  Bed linen can be a fairly large investment and these little touches really make a difference when you decide where to purchase from.  

I chose Slate which comprised of a plain fitted sheet, two plain pillowcases, two striped pillowcases and a striped duvet cover.  It's a really subtle shade and pattern and is perfect for my grey toned bedroom, although it would fit equally as well into a room decorated in stronger colours.  Third have eight ranges to chose from, in contemporary colours and tonal patterns of white, grey and blue.   All the bedding is 500 thread count cotton that has been combed and spun into a single ply yarn.  It's a sateen weave which makes it really soft and the sheets are made of long staple fibres which are native to the Egyptian cotton plant and processed in one of the worlds leading textile mills.  It's unsurprising that this enables Third to deliver the softest sheets to aid to best nights sleep.

So what's the best way to ensure a good nights sleep?  Great bedding is one way, but there's plenty of other things you can do to help you make the most of your full eight hours.


Don't Leave It Too Late To Eat

It's common sense that if you eat late, then the likelihood of being up later is much higher.  Both alcohol and food have a detrimental affect on our sleep patterns - if we feel full, then we are less likely to feel uncomfortable whilst our body is digesting food.  The best thing to do is to avoid that late night snack or that final glass of wine (always tempting) or even worse, coffee or chocolate which gives you a last minute caffeine hit.  Not a great idea.

Regulate Your Room Temperature

My husband insists on sleeping with the window slightly open nearly all year round which, although I protest when it's minus one, definitely encourages me to sleep better.  A room that is too hot is no good at all - the optimum room temperature is 16-19 degrees.  

Avoid The Phone

IMG_6022 2.JPG

I remember years ago being totally shocked when I read that Guy Ritchie and Madonna both slept with their phones by the bed.  Nowadays, I don't know anyone who doesn't and it's pretty obvious that it's not an aid to a good nights sleep.  Stats tell us that we shouldn't look at our phones or laptops for at least an hour before we go to sleep.  The exposure to blue light stops you dozing off - try a book instead.  Or even better, Third have their own Spotify playlist to help you nod off.

Stick To A Schedule

Everyone sleeps better when they stick to a schedule - waking up at the same time and going to bed a a regularly reasonable hour regulates your body clock.  You'll see great results if you play by these rules.

Exercise During The Day

People who exercise regularly sleep better at night and feel less sleepy during the day. If you do any sort of regular exercise, even if it's just walking the dog, it reduces insomnia and increases the amount of time you spend in deep sleep.

Have A Long Soak

Having a luxurious bath with lots of lovely oils and bubbles warms you up and helps you to relax.  Perfect for just before bedtime.

So why are Third sheets so perfect for your bedroom?  Here's five good reasons:

1.  They're 500 thread count and sateen weave - this makes them kinder to sensitive skin and softer to the touch.  Plus they are wrinkle resistant (which means less ironing and a win win situation) and get softer with age, so you can wash them as often as you like.

2.  Third sheets are eco friendly and use environmentally friendly chemicals and dyes.  Sustainable energy is used in the creation of every sheet and they are certified by STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® due to being free of harmful chemicals.

3.  They say it straight - they don't use jargon, the website and customer service approach are simple and easy to use and their designs are stripped back simplicity.  Even better, Third back up their claims by offering a 75 night risk free trial where they return your money should you not be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase.

4.  Third sell directly to you and not through a third party, meaning that their products are well priced and not inflated.

5.  Best of all, Third have partnered with 42nd Street who specialise in supporting young people aged 11-25 to overcome struggles they are having with their mental health. For every sheet you purchase, you'll be supporting a young person's mental health through this charity partnership.

IMG_0853 2.JPG

It's always brilliant when you find a brand that has such an ethical and well thought out ethos.  I loved receiving this product from Third and found everything from the customer service to the beautifully thought out packaging to the product itself, excellent.  I can't wait to try out my new sheets!

The products that I reviewed are the Slate sheets and you can check them out by clicking here.  If you use code LISA10 then you will receive 10% discount on your purchase from Third.   

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This sponsored post was in conjunction with the lovely people at Third.  I would never consider promoting a product that I didn't love and wouldn't have in my own home.