Seven Of The Best Independent Instagram Shops You Need To Be Following

Instagram has become THE social media hub to be on.  No longer the domain of the teenage selfie, everyone and their dogs are getting in on the action.  With the huge increase in hash tagging and it's popularity as a creative platform, more and more independent companies are finding that Instagram is perfect for launching and promoting their businesses.  

Years ago, I had a shop on Not On The High Street selling French and jute shopping bags.  Unfortunately for me -  although not the environment, obvs - the plastic bag charge came into effect and when the supermarkets started selling similar products to mine at a quarter of the price, I was forced to admit defeat.   So I know from personal experience how hard it is for independent businesses and that's why I am absolutely committed to the promotion and support of these inspirational companies.  

So usually I would do Six Of The Best, but I've decided that six is a bit passe this week (everybody's doing it) and that seven is the new black, so here are my seven absolute faves.  

Tin Design

If you haven't visited Tara and Trudy's gorgeous online interiors store then quite frankly, I don't know what you've been doing with your life.  With a background in interiors, these two friends from Leigh On Sea have sourced a quirky mix of homewares, wallpaper and wall art and also have an Artisan section (as featured in a previous blog) where they promote local Artisan talent.  As they say on their website, they pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and never sitting on it.  Which would probably be quite painful, tbh.  They are also the most lovely people to deal with and super friendly.  Click here to check out their products including the beautiful iBride trays that I have looking pretty on my kitchen wall.

Trudy  and  Tara  looking lovely.

Trudy and Tara looking lovely.

Those Tin's know their stuff.

Those Tin's know their stuff.

Violet & Thistle

Jane is the founder and owner of Violet & Thistle and she is absolutely fab.  With a background in costume jewellery retail and years spent visiting the Far East in order to source, Jane realised after the birth of her first daughter that she needed a business that kept her closer to home.  Based in London, she launched her online store at the end of 2015 and you could not hope to meet a friendlier person.  If you follow her on Instagram, you will know that she loves a chat.  Her shop is a fabulous collection of individual homewares, lighting and one off vintage pieces.  Check out her most recent stock which include fantastic neon wall lights and a gorgeous range of macrame plant holders.  My favourite all time purchase from Jane is my pom pom basket which is always commented upon and my Applause light box is about to be put above my bar so that people can clap me when I pour them a drink.  Click here and check out her range of beauties.

Lovely  Jane , the friendliest shop owner on Instagram.

Lovely Jane, the friendliest shop owner on Instagram.

If these don't make your house rock, I don't know what will.

If these don't make your house rock, I don't know what will.

New Icons Of Print

Mellony and Becky met via the fabulous Instagram hashtag, mystylephotochallenge created by @melanie1811.  If you've never tried it, it's a daily photo posting tag and is a great way to get into Instagram.  Mel's background as Brand Director for a large marketing company paired with Becky's skills in fashion buying and window dressing created a winning combo.  Their shared appreciation of the absurd, the right timing and complementary artistic skills and business acumen inspired them to create New Icons Of Print and in the last few months have gone from strength to strength.  They have an extensive range of contemporary typography and fine art concepts and specialise in custom prints including that fabulous Yorkshire print that I've got in my sitting room.  And even better, they are offering you lovely readers of my blog 20% off any purchase over £20 using the code LISASTYLE20 until the end of September.  Visit their website by clicking here and get ordering!

Mellony and Becky  looking gorge.

Mellony and Becky looking gorge.

Quite frankly too cool for school.

Quite frankly too cool for school.

Fig Interiors

Jocelyn and Kevin are based in the Lake District and in the last month have launched their new store, Fig Interiors.  Jocelyn has a background in customer service and business and Kevin is a furniture restorer and French Polisher.  Together they have created a gorgeous, inspirational and eclectic collection of beautiful homewares, furniture and one off finds.  From fabulous cushions to cutting edge design lighting, their byline is be bold and stand out from the crowd.  They believe that the best interiors are created by mixing styles and eras so you can see why their inspiring website suits me down to the ground.  Click here and enter a world of elegance and style with a hint of eccentricity.

Jocelyn  and Kevin, Queen and King of creative cool.

Jocelyn and Kevin, Queen and King of creative cool.

I need every single one of these items in my house.

I need every single one of these items in my house.

Grey September

Sara Griffiths is the founder and creator of this newly formed online collection of homewares, interiors and gifts.  Expect a little bit of Nordic, cool Copenhagen and the rest of the globe for a unique blend of design must haves for your space.  Sara has worked in TV for the last 20 years whilst also having the extremely busy job of being a mum to two girls.  Having curated her own small but perfectly formed family home, she finally decided to put the dream into reality and her fabulous store is well worth a visit.  Click here to check out Sara's beautiful site.

Sara  looking madly gorgeous.

Sara looking madly gorgeous.

Everyone needs a little bit of Scandi cool.

Everyone needs a little bit of Scandi cool.

We Are Amused

Susan and Donna, with their backgrounds in styling and photography, are the creative wonders behind We Are Amused. They produce innovative photographic and typographical prints from their studio in Fife, Scotland that look stunning in any interior.  Their prints will add that essential edge of cool to your space.  I've got their gorgeous, and I'm sure to be iconic, shoe last print, or I did until my daughter decided it would look better in her room than mine.  With a website currently under construction, you can contact Susan and Donna via their Instagram feed by clicking here.  Plus, they are properly lovely and a pleasure to deal with.  

Susan and Donna  looking lovely and the shoe last print that has been whipped by Ella.

Susan and Donna looking lovely and the shoe last print that has been whipped by Ella.

Hilary & Flo

Founded in 2015, Shelley's shop is a gorgeous eclectic mix of home accessories and furniture that is an absolute must.  How excited was I when I realised that Hilary & Flo was in Sheffield and therefore close enough to visit?  Very excited.  My (very good at shopping) friend Liz was visiting from America, had been following the Hilary & Flo feed and was desperate for a visit, so together with two other friends, we had a girls outing.  The trip got off to a bad start after I drove into another car at the roundabout on the way there due to excessive chatting, but we persevered and were very glad that we did.  Shelley is absolutely lovely and so welcoming and friendly, making any visit to her store a pleasure.  She stocks a selection of independent retailers including Abigail Ahern and you can check out her online store by clicking here

Shelley  looking super glam.

Shelley looking super glam.

Quite frankly, just fabulous and well worth a small car accident.

Quite frankly, just fabulous and well worth a small car accident.

Independents are a crucial part of our economy and it's essential that we support these entrepreneurial businesses.  All of these lovely people are inspirational in that they have all had the ambition to achieve what many others just dream of doing - they've taken the risk and they're winning.  These independent stores need our support.  So click on the links and have a look at my favourite seven but be warned, the temptation to purchase will be strong!